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Every one of us has that picture of flowers, trees, branches swinging, chopped grass and lots of pretty details when we think of a lawn. But in reality, the picture we imagine is quite hard to keep up with, because every yard needs to be clean and maintained well and it's one of the hard tasks of all.

In terms to keep your garden area fresh and lively, you need to take care of it and have to keep up with the routine to maintain and look after it regularly. If you cannot find time for that because of our busy lifestyle, you can contact lawn mowing services in Calgary for the same.

But still here are few tips for lawn maintenance to help you make your yard look better and more presentable -

  1. Remove weed, thatch, and moss
  2. Improve drainage
  3. Aerate
  4. Mowing and Hedging
  5. Feeding and watering

1. Remove weed, thatch, and moss
So to start with why don’t you begin with removing all the weed, thatch, and moss from your area, because these plants block air and nutrients to reach the roots of other plants.
Weed can easily grow in your land and can enter the horizon by any means, through birds, dogs, winds, or anything, and they can appear everywhere in the garden. To discard it off, just pull it from the ground with the roots, you can do this with a tool or simply your hands.
If you want to remove thatch, then the only applied method to get rid of it is scarification, you can carry it out with tools if you like or can book lawn mowing services in Calgary for it.

2. Improve drainage
A good functioning drainage system is needed for your plants and lawn to breathe and flourish because a garden area with a bad drainage system looks waterlogged, and it can actually create a lot of other complications if it’s not corrected.
The most common factors which cause water build-up are - soil permeability (water uptake capacity of the soil and retain water, and this thing is determined by the soil type and its texture) and garden topography (physical characteristics of the land).

3. Aerate
We have added aerreation to the list because it actually helps in regulating the proper inflow of air and water within the ground and to the roots. This way it helps the plants to intake essential nutrients necessary for growth. It's a convenient and effective method to maintain waterlogged lawns.
To aerate your yard, you need to make some holes in the soil, you can do this with the help of a garden fork or other specially created tools for the purpose, you can use aeration shoes as well for the job.

4. Mowing and Hedging
Mowing and edging are the basics of a lawn maintenance process. While mowing the garden, it is suggested by the experts to only chop off 1/3rd of the grass length.
Mowing can be easily done with a land mower if you have one or you can call up to lawn mowing services in Calgary. Don’t do mowing when the land or grass is wet, because it does not lead to the healthy growth of the grass.

5. Feeding and Watering
Providing your soil the ingredients it needs and the essential nutrients and water is yet another common principle of having a healthy lawn area. There are a variety of garden feeders available in the market, you can pick one on the basis of the soil type you have.
Make sure to read the instructions carefully before using the product and to continue with the routine of feeding and watering regularly, after needed intervals of time.