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Is Grasscycling Actually Easy?

Grasscycling is the practice of leaving grass clippings on the lawn itself after the mowing to decompose.

Regular practices and lawn mowing services Calgary experts have admitted that grasscycling is the most effective and easy way to nurture your yard.

Leaving the grass clippings at the place where they are chopped is efficient and adds to the advantage of the lawn becoming a source of fertilizer to the soil, which helps it to retain the water thus contributing to root growth and ultimately leading to a healthy lawn.

Grasscycling may look like an easy and no-effort task, but if you want to achieve a successful grasscycling practice and want clipping to decompose quickly and return the nutrients back to the soil then these tips suggested by lawn mowing services Calgary experts might help you.

  1. Mow the grass when it’s dry
  2. Do regular land mowing
  3. Cut with the sharp blade
  4. Leave the clippings where they fall

1. Mow the grass when it’s dry:
It is best advised to chop your yard when the grass is dry and this is so because wet grass is heavier as it has moisture, which makes it hard for the blades to uniformly cut the grass.

Another drawback of wet grass clippings is that they clump together and do not disperse as evenly as dry clippings. Also when the ground is wet it is softer and the weight of your mower on the wheels can develop thin ruts through your lawn which can collect water.

2. Do regular land mowing:
Lawn mowing services Calgary experts suggest doing regular chopping of the grass because there’s a lawn mowing rule which says that one should not cut more than one-third of the grass height at a time if you do so it can pause the root growth. Also, it results in soil lawns needing more watering in summers to be alive.

And the perks of the one-third rule is that it produces smaller clippings that disappear quickly.

3. Cut with the sharp blade:
If you have to do the land mowing then it’s the right choice to use sharp blades. Sharp blades chop the grass cleanly and evenly, this ensures rapid healing and regrowth of the grass.

According to lawn mowing services Calgary experts if you would use dull or we can say blunt blades they tear and bruise the grass. And wounded grass is not healthy, it declines the lifespan of the yard. Also, it becomes weakened and somewhat is unable to prevent invading weeds and takes time to recover from the disease.

4. Leave the clippings where they fall:
When you are done with the mowing, you’ll feel like your lawn needs cleaning, as the freshly chopped grass clippings are on the top of the grass, but actually, these short clippings quickly fall between the standing grass blades and disappear from sight.